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Photo by Margaret Jacobsen

Babe Vibes is a collection of work by creative women. We interview babes, write stories, and make publications + projects. “Babe vibes” are about the power of calling oneself a babe, they are the energy, vulnerability, and empowerment that come from collaborating with other women. Some of our favorite work (so far!) is The Pep Talk Generator, Methods of Self-Care, and the Beyonce Zine.

In partnership with many incredible contributors, Babe Vibes is run, edited, and art directed by Kara Haupt. You can read more about Kara in her visual interview. We are always looking for opportunities to work with rad babes, so get in touch (kara@babevibes.com) if you have a pitch for a collaborative project.

Things we’re always looking for: interactive digital storytelling, weird zines and publications, lists, hard questions, self-care, ephemera, notes you forgot you wrote yourself, collage, shower epiphanies, and friendship with women.

To power the site and visual interviews, pay contributors, and print our publications, please consider supporting us via our shop, or leaving us a tip! We appreciate your support! For more babes and just the right amount of exclamation marks, follow along with us on Tumblr, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

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