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Block Zine


Block is by women — about work, creative block, and how we make.

By Danielle Sullivan of Wild Ones and Kara Haupt of Babe Vibes. Featuring Fariha Róisín, Maria Ines Gul, Chelsey Dyer, Vanessa Willoughby, Kanda Mbenza-Ngoma, Mei Ratz, Robyn Kanner, Sohaila Adela, and Sarah Versprille.

52 pages and sized at 5.5×8.5″.

“Thinking out loud and sharing my work online isn’t much different than a real-world studio environment. I don’t believe we are supposed to be working and creating in pure isolation all the time, even if that may appear to be the most productive from the outside.” – Kara Haupt

“As a rule, when I’m working on new material in my little cave, I try not to think about anyone else. I try not to imagine how it will be received, reviewed, or picked apart. That’s the magic of writing demos. My favorite time in a song’s life is right after I’ve recorded the first primitive version. It’s the time when I know I’ve struck something good, something that I truly love, and no one knows it exists but me.” – Danielle Sullivan


“I never work for free because this creative life is not free, it’s hard on me, it’s hard on
the ones I love, it’s a choice but it is also necessary. I flew and fought hard to get here, that is worth something to me and should be worth something to the people that value the product. More than that; I refuse to stand in front of any little girl and have my actions suggest to her that rumbling with your passion means you cannot make a living. I refuse to let the starving artist stereotype vomit all over those little girls who are weirdos and looking to be brilliant adults. Being a weirdo is rad and important and chasing down your dreams should be lucrative.” – Mei Ratz


“Following my career in art has had more to do with my soul than with anything else. Working within a framework of honesty and integrity has been a powerful anecdote to my feelings of the dichotomy between work and pleasure. The contradiction that was once lodged within my soul, making it hard to navigate truth, has faded. Now, I try and listen to the pulse of my true self and the truth that: when I let myself be, when I live and let live, my work becomes clearer, more lucid, more real and true to myself and who and what I am.” – Fariha Róisín

“In regard to change and affect: pack the things you think you’re going to need and head out. Tear the terror down, make a change, and use these experiences as creative fuel. Then settle down, if you want.” – Robyn Kanner