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Methods of Self-Care

Methods of Self-Care

Photo by Mara Keller.

Jodie Layne and I believe in self-care. We believe women need to care more for themselves, and less for others. We think the world is really fucking shitty and that the reasons women feel shitty are a load of bullshit. What we mean, is that it makes perfect sense why women feel shitty, we’ve been told since birth that we aren’t good enough — skinny enough, logical enough, white enough, selfless enough — we want to tell you it’s okay. Your feelings are real, the reasons are a systemic artifice. We want to offer practical solutions, solidarity, and a very loud “we hear you girl.”

We made a zine for you, a free one. Share it with your babes, send it to your mom, print it and give it to every teen girl in the world. Put on our playlist (thanks Danika!) and take care (of yourself).

We love you.

Thank you to Stephanie McCollough, Danika McClure, and April for their contributions.

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