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See y’all later.

After a far too-long hiatus, it seems right to officially announce Babe Vibes is fading, dying, sunsetting, resting in peace. It’s been a good 3 years of good vibes and all of you smart, funny, and perfect women.

This place gave me (Kara!) a safe and (sometimes difficult) place to try new ideas and ask women questions, which I think might just be the point of everything? Thanks for coming along, and supporting me, and Babe Vibes. The website will stay up for years and years so you can always read whatever you’d like, and who knows maybe I’ll even fix the fonts!

There are a few Block zines left and pins left, all half-off.

You can keep up with me on Twitter and on Instagram and on my news-y, write-y newsletter I’m making up called Soft and Rude. I’ve got some tricks up my sleeves.

I love you. Thanks for growing up with me. xo.