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We believe women making creative work with each other is powerful. Find our collaborative stories below.

February’s theme is “wanting.”

See y’all later.

Bye! I love you!

Vanilla Sex

“Vanilla” is never a compliment.

Yr Future: Moon and Star Shit

August 'Scopes

Yr Future: Moon and Star Shit

June 'scopes.

FILM: Recollection

"I am my past. I am my memories."

To Memorialize

"To forget is to half live."

Babe Vibes: Recollection

"I think having my good days reflected back to me and my bad days documented is part of my fabric."

Yr Future: Moon and Star Shit

"I recommend bourbon to soften the blow of realness." May Moon and Star shit: horoscopes and good vibes.

Work And Money

For the longest time I’ve been struggling with how to reconcile my desire for productivity with my overwhelming need to be free.

FILM: Work

WORK. Film by Ariel Watson. Featuring Tann Par.


June Diary

Diary: Life!

Diary: The recollecting

Diary: Offering

Diary: Was It Real?