Robyn Kanner: “First things first I am a strong woman.”


Visual Interviews are conducted long-distance, via disposable camera and a box of ephemera. I’m pleased to introduce you to Robyn Kanner, a designer.
Who is Robyn Kanner?
WHERE TO BEGIN, BABE VIBES. Okay, first things first I am a strong woman. I’m also a designer—the kind that gives a damn. I just moved to Portland, OR. by way of the other Portland with a 15 month detour in Boston. I like biking and coffee—wait this is starting to read like my OK Cupid profile.




How do you care for yourself?
I communicate with myself. That kind of sounds dramatic but basically what I mean is that I check in with me—or at least I try to. Give the body what it wants, that’s what I say.

Have you learned anything recently that has caused you to re-contextualize your understanding of your world?
Everything can be solved by buying time. I used to be quick on the draw when it came to making decisions which was effective in that it was decisive but not so wonderful in that decisions come with consequences. Buying more time helps you breathe and reconsider whatever alternatives are possible.


What’s the worst part of starting over?
There’s an old Conor Oberst lyric that goes,

The road finally gave me back
But I don’t think I’ll unpack
Because I’m not sure that I live here anymore

Excitement side—few things hurt like starting over. The road is filled with insurmountable amounts of uncertainty but the key is to embrace that bumpy ride. Life’s too short to have a bad time.

What do you think, for you, is the difference between needing and wanting?
The difference is desire. While my body may need water it wants all of your love.




What do you believe in, wholeheartedly?
I believe wholeheartedly in grace.



What could we, or the universe, or anyone, help you with right now?
Okay, about two months ago I sold all of my belongings to a stranger, packed two suitcases, and hoped on a plane to start a new life in Portland, OR. I’m doing well all things considering but could use help with two things:

#1 Be gentle with my heart.
#2 Help me buy some time so that I can sort all of this out.


What’s the best kept secret?
Women talk.

Robyn Kanner, interviewed November 2015. Robyn’s Website | Instagram | Twitter